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News From Elise

Each month I will highlight some of the current "news" in health & wellness as well as what is new from Shaklee.

Currently, Shaklee has 4 new amazing products!  MindWorks, Blood Pressure, Vitalized Immunity and Vitalized Protein.  Find out more on this site about the health benefits of all 4.

Fall is here and so is Cold & Flu season.  The new Vitalized Immunity along with NutriFeron, Immunity Formula I and Defend & Resist can all effectively support your complex immune system.  Visit the Immunity Section on this site to see each of the 4 products. 

Also visit my website, to see an article, Protect Your Immune System, on how NutriFeron and Alfalfa have helped my Sinus problems along with colds and flu. 

Being healthy is a choice we make each day.  What is your choice?