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 My name is Elise and I am excited to be a partner with Shaklee.  The products, the guarantee, the purity and safety, the wide variety of products and the opportunity to grow a successful Shaklee business are jusEliset the tip of the iceberg. 

The Shaklee Difference is what keeps me coming back each month. The Best of Nature and Science working Together to make the best supplements! Shaklee is the Pioneer in the Health and Wellness Industry since 1956!

Become a Member and immediately save 15%! That is a great savings.  As one of my Preferred Customers, you will have me as a resource for what is new in Shaklee as well as a lifetime 15% discount. 

Then there is the additional savings you receive when you use Shaklee's AutoShip option on select products.  That additional 10% savings is a nice bonus on those products you consume each month.

Once you arShaklee Guaranteee a member you can experience the Shaklee Difference everyday!  With Shaklee's 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can try all the products without worry.  That Guarantee also means that the Qualtiy and Purity of each product is something that you can be assured of each day. 

Home-based Business Opportunity.  Kids heading to college, need a new car, want to take that big trip you have been dreaming about for years, need to pay off some bills and put away some savings, and so many more:  All these are reasons to have a home-based business with by parterning with me and Shaklee.  Shaklee's new FastTRACK program can be your ticket to earning $100,000 in 15 months as well as earning free trips and much more for yourself and your family.  My team has plenty of room for you and your friends! Join us today!

Residents of the USA may order from this site. Should you be outside the USA, please call 1-800-SHAKLEE for order information and refer to this site and me, Elise Hearn.

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