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News From Elise

Each month I will highlight some of the current "news" in health & wellness as well as what is new from Shaklee.

Now through March 31, 2015 from Shaklee!  Shaklee welcomes our Veterans to join us and create their own Shaklee Effect.  Shaklee offers a Free Distributorship (Distributor Welcome Kit, $49.95 value) to Veterans, including Active Military (and spouses), to thank and honor them for their service to our country. Please contact me to learn more about this offer!   205-588-4849   It would be my honor and priviledge to work with our Veterans and Active Military.
This offer is valid from November 17, 2014 through March 31, 2015.

March is here with a bang in the South!  Cold weather with snow, sleet and ice has visited us again.  Not our normal fare, but we are coping.  Our hope is that the rest of March is a gentle warm-up to flowers and Spring.  Last month we talked a lot about your Heart and keeping the heart healthy. We focused on small steps that can make a difference over time and that continues in March.

Basic nutrition is essential for a healthy body. There has been attention lately on the lack of substance for some supplements on the market.  Dr Jamie McManus wrote an intersting article on supplements "Understanding the Media Attention on Multivitamins".  I know it will answer many of your questions.  

And keeping that weight to a managable number is a challenge for many.  Listen to Elisabeth's Story and how she has kept the weight off year after year.  You too can have a successful After-After!

Recently read an article from Mental Floss, a fun website with strange, but fascinating information, on how to shake hands in 14 different countries.  Every country has its own customs, so it's important to brush up before going to a new place. Sometimes even the simplest things—like handshakes—can be entirely different.  In Australia for example, women don't shake hands with other women.  Who knew?!  Enjoy the etiquette as you begin to think about traveling this year. 


February is Heart Month!  There are many heart related illnesses that can be avoided with a few minor changes.  Drop a few pounds and lower your blood pressure a few points most times.  Drop a few pounds and reduce the stress and strain on your joints.  Drop a few pounds and lower your risk of Diabetes.  

Increase good, absorbable  nutrition increase your exercise, decrease stress, lose those extra pounds, sleep 8 hours a night, and help your body do what it is supposed to do: Be healthy!  Small steps over time can make big differences.  Don't try to modify all things in your life, just one or two at a time.  Success is measured in small steps that all up.

Learn more about a path to better health in the article:  A Life of Deprivation.  You can possibly Deprive yourself of medications and poor health when you deprive yourself of bad choices.

January 2015!  Wow.  So many fun things to do in 2015. 

As January comes to a close and we head to February and Heart Month, let's look at the weight loss benefits mentioned in several articles on my website.  Visit and go to the Weight Control and You tab for tips and advice on how to be successful in you weight loss.  Read 5 Tips for Sucessful Weight Loss for quick tips to make shedding those extra pounds easier.   Scroll down the page and find more articles to help motivate your weight loss journey!

One of my favorite articles on a Life of Deprivation.  Yes, we sometimes have to give up our favorite foods to have a healthier life, but not eating cookies all day in exchange for a healthier life is not much of a sacrifice.  When you realize that diabetes will kill you, make you go blind, impair your mobility and more, and all for the "love" of cookie for example!  And you can be "deprived" of blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications and more when you drop those unnecessary pounds!  Be "deprived" of medications in exchange of getting a healthier life!

Currently, Shaklee and our team are concentrating on the "I'm in for 10" program with our Shaklee 180 program. Just lose 10 pounds and feel so much better, look better in your clothes while lowering blood pressure, being kinder to your joints and so much more. 

We’re kicking in the door for 2015 with an ambitious goal.
Something no other company has tried before (which makes it perfect for the Shaklee Family).

We want to set the record for most weight lost by a company or group.   Whew! How are we going to do that?

By doing what we do best…inviting our friends, family and communities to get on the path to better health by joining us in losing a combined 40,000 pounds between January 1st and March 31st 2015.

Jacqui McCoyJacqui McCoy: Challenge Ambassador
Our ambassador for this challenge is Shaklee Family Member and record-setting participant in Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, Jacqui McCoy. Throughout the course of the challenge you’ll hear from Jacqui sharing inspiration and insights along the way to help you stay on track!

Doing Your Part | Two People + 10 Pounds + Three Months
Let’s face it…40,000 pounds is a lot! But with each of us doing our part we can get there!



November is the beginning of the "Eating" Season! Between the leftover Halloween candy and the beginning of the New Year, there are countless opportunities to add a few pounds with overindulgence.  Some of us look for ways to balance the yummy caloric goodies with exercise and calorie restriction in other places. 

Exercise can be a good option since it not only burns those few extra calories, it reduces stress.  And who doesn't have a little holiday induced stress!  Here is a link to 11 Workouts that Burn More Calories than Jogging!  After reading the suggestions, I think my favorite is Dancing.  Jet skiing in the winter is a bit chilly even here in the South!  So pick your favorite and let me know the outcome. 

A few weeks ago I read an interesting article on the need for more complete proteins in our diets, particularly as we age.  The gist of the article was that muscle mass is associated with intake of quality protein in large quantity so you get the essential amino acids.  Of course, Shaklee's protein products all contain the 9 essential amino acids and are high quality protein options. According to the article, "Muscle loss at a rate of 1% per year is commonly seen in elderly people".  So, to avoid osteoporosis in the future, have a few Shaklee Smoothees or Meal Bars each day!  
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  Stay warm, healthy and happy with Shaklee products supporting you in all facets of your day.